Mission, Vision and Strategy


Develop and provide high value-added solutions for our clients in port, maritime and logistic activities, in a sustainable and innovative way, while, at the same time, valuing the career development of our employees.


To be the first choice of our employees, clients, and investors in port, maritime, and logistic segments, growing in a bold, synergetic, and sustainable way.


To grow on the basis of The Company’s skills and/or existing assets, strengthening the businesses and looking for new opportunities, focusing on Brazil and Latin America.

◾We strive for the safety of people, preservation of the environment and for the communities in which operate.
◾We have meaningful and long-term relationships with our customers.
◾We have the sense of an owner.
◾We act ethically.
◾We put our employees first.

Date :

marzo 31, 2023

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